Development of Maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea (BaltSeaPlan)

Project duration: 2009 January – 2012 January
 Financers: Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007 – 2013
 The overall objective:
to support the process of developing, introducing and implementing maritime spatial planning (MSP) throughout the Baltic Sea in a coherent manner. MSP cycle.
 Project tasks:
 • Stocktaking and data exchange: compilation of current uses, conflicts and natural values of the Baltic Sea, development of model data basis for MSP purpose.
 • Assessment of national MSP relevant strategies and legal framework, analysis of national priorities for use and development of marine space.
 • Demonstrating integrated maritime spatial planning in practice in selected pilot areas: - Pomeranian Bight DE/PL/SE - Western Gulf of Gdańsk PL - Middle Bank PL/SE - Western Baltic T-Route DK - Pärnu Bay EE - Hiiuma and Saaremaa Islands EE - Western Coast of Latvia LV Reports on all development of pilot MSPs available here.
 • Development of BaltSeaPlan Vision 2030: towards sustainable planning of Baltic Sea space.
 • Lobbying and capacity building for MSP on all levels: stakeholder involvement, participative planning methods, workshops and conferences for decision-makers.
 • Preparation of a series of guidelines and policy recommendations. Project is based on the existing experience in the frame of projects: BaltCoast – conception and recommendations of MSP; PlanCoast, Balance, IOC – MSP handbook; VASAB – legislation summary about MSP; MSP in practice: Germany: MV/ EEZ and Poland: Golf of Gdansk and exiting political documents; EU demands on national marine strategies, VASAB Declaration of Gdansk and Long term perspective as well as HELCOM Baltic Sea action plan and Broad Scale MSP recommendation.
 Project partners:
 Germany - Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH), Lead Partner - Ministry of Transport, Building and Regional Development of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - WWF Germany, Baltic Sea Unit
Poland - Maritime Office in Szczecin - Maritime Office in Gdynia - Maritime Institute in Gdańsk
Denmark - National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) of Aarhus University
Sweden - Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) - Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Estonia - Estonian Marine Institute of University of Tartu - Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia
Lithuania - Klaipėda University Coastal Research and Planning Institute (CORPI) - Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania
Latvia - Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia
 The € 3,7 m Baltic Sea Region Programme project BaltSeaPlan (2009–2012) accompanies the EU Maritime Policy by supporting the introduction of Integrated Maritime Spatial Planning (IMSP) and drawing up National Maritime Strategies in the partner countries. It also contributes to the implementation of the HELCOM recommendation on Broad-scale Maritime Spatial Planning and the VASAB Gdańsk Declaration.
 Project leader in Latvia: Anda Ruskule, +371 6735 7548, e-mail: For more information about the project and documents produced, please, visit project website: