Involvement of NGOs in water management

 The project aimed to develop and strengthen participation and involvement of NGOs in implementation of the new water management policy based on river basin district approach. The project was targeted towards Latvian/Lithuanian transboundary river basin Lielupe. Integrated approach and public participation was the key to improve environmental quality. Bringing forwards society’s wide knowledge, skills and enthusiasm, it is possible to significantly improve the quality of decisions taken in the field of environmental protection.
 The following activities were implemented:
 Development of the strategy for NGO participation in the river basin management. Strategy will include legislative review, evaluation of the application of EU guidelines on public participation in relation to the Water Framework Directive in Latvia, as well as insights on experience of other countries. Strategy development is planned as an interactive process organizing meetings and involving main stakeholders: non-governmental organisations, municipalities and state institutions;
Networking of partners in the Lielupe transboundary river basin by creating and maintaining project website, developing NGO catalogue and organising an international workshop;
Facilitation of the dialogue between national authorities and NGOs on the river basin plans identifying the potential measures to contribute to the improvement of water quality in the river basin district;
Dissemination of the project results to the wider public creating and publishing brochure (in Latvian and Lithuanian languages) on the main project findings.
This project is financially supported by the EU Phare project “Strengthening civil society” administered by Society Integration Fund in Latvia.