Seed money project "Accommodating of land-sea interactions into maritime and coastal planning in the Baltic Sea Region through blue-green infrastructure and ecosystem services"

Land-Sea-Interaction and Ecosystem-Based-Approach are concepts that consider the human impact on coastal areas and strive for integrating aspects of sustainability and resource efficiency when it comes to maritime spatial planning.

The project Land-Sea-Acts as a seed money project aims to support the improvement of the understanding and embedding the principles of Land-Sea-Interaction and Ecosystem-Based-Approach within the maritime and land-based spatial planning to contribute to cohesive management of the Baltic coastal areas.

Project partners will develop a larger scale regional project (called Main project) that will demonstrate the implementation of the concepts through a number of cases studies addressing the following issues: coastal processes (sediment flows and surges) and their interaction with climate change (increase of erosion risks) and human activities (e.g. port development); coastal landscapes as essential component of the BGI and their role in tourism development and well-being of coastal communities; up-stream and downstream links within and between catchments, coast and the sea (e.g. to reduce water pollution issues) and smart, innovative and sustainable use of marine resources (potential of off-shore wind park development).

Main activities of the Land-Sea-Act project:

Review of the policy relevance of the project idea. This activity includes screening and analysis of the EU, Baltic Sea regional, national and regional policy documents and relevant legislation about maritime spatial planning and actual use of ecosystem-based approach in its practical implementation.
Review of the recent and ongoing complementary projects. This activity includes screening the relevant data bases of the transnational, cross-border, LIFE, Horizon2020 programmes and other relevant projects in the field and region. The information collected in this activity will be added to the joint database.
Overview on the applied methodologies and methods on ecosystem services, ecosystem-based management and blue green infrastructure in policy development and implementation. The aim of the activity is to obtain an overview on the approaches, methods and tools applied so far in projects relating to the fields addressed, and to identify challenges and needs for further development and implementation in the context of the project.
Establishing a project consortium and elaborating the project outline of the Main project. The Land-Sea-Act project partners will identify and characterise a potential project partners within and outside the Baltic sea regions to join the project consortium. Also, project Work plan and Budget will be drafted by defining the work packages, activities, deliverables, timeline and project budget structured according to the most common budget positions.
• Last but not the least - investigation of funding opportunities. Although the preliminary funding sources have been identified, details of the financial conditions will be investigated and scrutinized regarding eligibility and a prospect to receive the grant.



Project partners

Lead partner
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia

Baltic Environmental Forum - Latvia
Tallinn University
Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences

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Environmental expert
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