Project LIFE Viva Grass presented in the international conference "Local communities, cultural landscapes and heritage"

Environmental Board of Estonia in cooperation with Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonian Academy of Arts and ICOMOS Estonia organised international conference “Local communities, cultural landscapes and heritage“ in 6-8 October 2016 in Lahemaa National Park manors and villages. The conference was dedicated to Lahemaa National Park’s 45th anniversary. During the conference the issues of heritage management in theory and practice were explored. Key speakers were discussing theoretical questions of heritage protection, international systems and practices in the field of heritage management, key issues of empowerment of local communities. Workshops were concentrated on concrete cases of management of cultural landscapes and community involvement. First day of conference was concentrating on protection of culture, second day on management of valuable cultural landscapes. The participants of this conference were experts in the field, heritage practitioners and members of local communities of protected areas.

On the second day, October 7, Dr. Anda Ruskule, project's LIFE Viva Grass expert, held the presentation "Good practice on viabale grassland management". The good practice examples of grassland management investigated by the project show that the solutions lie in multi-functional use of grasslands, diversification of income and building of co-operation networks within local communities. 

More information about the conference please find here: conference.emu.ee/conferences/lahemaa-45/