Baltic Info Campaign on Hazardous Substances (BaltInfoHaz)

Duration: 1 October 2011 – 31 March 2015
 Financers: LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Community, Latvian Environmental Protection Fund Administration, Environmental Ministry of Lithuania Goal:
The overall goal of the project is to initiate a stronger demand at the society in the three Baltic States for products free of hazardous substances. In order to help people make well informed, healthier and environmental friendlier choice the project will provide them with the wide range of information about hazardous substances, their harmful effects and everyday products in which they occur. At the same time people will be introduced to various efficient alternatives and how by making small changes in their daily habits they can protect themselves, their kids and environment from hazardous substances. The project will also encourage discussion at the policy making level demanding stronger hazardous substance reduction measures.
 Partners: Baltic Environmental Forum Group jointly with Woman in Europe for a Common Future, construction retailer Rautakesko, Liepaja University, Tallinn University and VFS Films.
Coordinator in Latvia: Valters Toropovs, tel. 6735 7546, e-mail: