Energy- & climate change

3rd IMPETUS Partner Meeting in Utrecht

The 3rd partner meeting of the IMPETUS project took place at the KWR Water Research Institute in the Netherlands, bringing together more than 30 partners who are working on more than 30 climate change adaptation solutions at 7 demonstration sites across Europe.

During the first two days of the meeting, we shared updates and insights on the Climate Impetus project. A separate day during the partners’ meeting was dedicated to sharing experiences, progress and results with ARSINOE_EU project partners, as well as to explore new synergies that can lead to innovative and effective climate resilience and adaptation pathways.

The Zemgale team and other project partners had the opportunity to visit the Neeltje Jans artificial island in Zeeland, where was shown how a storm surge barrier was built, which significantly helps to protect the land area from flooding. More information can be found here:



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