About us

Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia was founded as a non-profit association in 2003.

We work on the topics such as chemical- and waste management, water quality, conservation of nature, wildlife and marine ecosystems, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and climate change – and develop concepts on how our societies can interact more positively with the environment.

In our projects, we work on the interface between science, civil society, policy and administration. We cooperate closely with other environmental organisations, research institutes and universities as well as with administrations of cities and municipalities in many European countries.

In close collaboration with other stakeholders, we find ecologically sustainable solutions, by viewing the ecosystems in context with socio-economic factors. We contribute our expert knowledge concerning environmental questions, political decision making and the management of administration. Communication is especially important to us. Hence, we focus especially on how interdisciplinary communication can strengthen the interaction between humans and their environment.

Due to our holistic and practical approach, we are able to ensure the acceptance and sustainability of our project outcomes and make sure that they are substantial improvements.