Energy- & climate change

Improving renovation of multi apartment buildings

“Improving renovation of multi apartment buildings in the Baltic Sea Region – innovative management and new technologies” an online workshop was held on 26 April 2022. It was organized in the frame of the project Baltic Sea Partnership on Energy Efficiency (BSPonEE).

The aim of event was to discuss new approaches and to exchange information on good practice examples of innovative management and new technologies to improve the renovation of multi-apartment buildings in the Baltic Sea Region.

Speakers from Sweden, Poland, Latvia, and Germany gave presentations on:

1) the importance of introduction of sustainable systems for energy production, distribution and storage:
01_Smart city_Tannerstad_SE

2) financial support and motivation of home owners to proceed with renovation:

3) possibilities for utilisation of synergies in application of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures:

4) training of housing managers:

5) tool for consumers on most energy efficient products in various categories:

6) examples, costs and benefits of prefabricated refurbishment of multi apartment buildings:
06_Serial refurbishment_Rovbutas_DE

7) technological possibilities for use of prefabricated construction elements during renovation of multi apartment buildings:
07_Prefabricated refurbishment_Kalamees_EE

Baltic Sea Partnership on Energy Efficiency (BSPonEE) is a project funded by the Swedish Institute that addresses energy efficiency in buildings in the Baltic Sea region. The project focuses on the creation of a network for various stakeholders. The project is led by North Sweden Energy Agency together with the partners Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency (FEWE) and Baltic Environmental Forum (Latvia). Associated partners are Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia, Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO) (Germany), Global Playground Stockholm, and The Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS).