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Land-Sea-Act project events

One of the aims of the Land-Sea-Act project is to raise awareness, knowledge, and skills of stakeholders to enhance Blue Growth initiatives and integrated development in coastal areas. By coming towards the end of the project a series of the events are organized by the project team to reach this aim and bring together stakeholders involved in coastal management and planning, to increase capacity and cooperation of various stakeholders’ groups as well as involve them and get feedback on various multi-level governance aspects of managing land-sea interactions.

September 25, 2021, the 3rd local face-to-face meeting “Landscape as the development resource in the southwestern Kurzeme coast” was held in Liepāja, Latvia. The aim of the meeting was to discuss spatial solutions for the balanced sea and land resources use in the southwestern Kurzeme coast as well as guidelines for marine and coastal development planning based on landscape and ecosystem approaches.

October 14, 2021, Land-Sea-Act project and Multi-level Governance Agenda were presented at the meeting on marine planning among the Coastal County Administrative Boards and the Marine and Water Authority of Sweden.

October 20-21, 2021, the joint international training on land-sea interactions in spatial planning was organized by project team to provide informative, intensive, and interactive knowledge exchange. Land-Sea-Act project partners and some invited experts shared their concepts and methods in handling multiple interests related to land-sea interactions in coastal areas. Participants also were asked to provide input to strategic recommendations of the Land-Sea-Act project.

October 29, 2021, the lectures for master students, University of Latvia, Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences were held about the maritime spatial planning and particularly on planning in the land-sea interface in the context of the addressing multiple interactions. The students were engaged in testing the Land-Sea-Act project Map Explorer developed for the South Kurzeme demonstration case, Latvia.

Moreover – several events still in front and Land-Sea-Act project team are glad to invite to participate.

November 5, 2021, with the aim to present the draft version of Multi-level Governance Agenda on Blue Growth and Spatial Planning in Baltic Sea Region and to get feedback from different stakeholders on multi-level governance aspects for managing land-sea interactions, Land-Sea-Act project is organizing an international workshop for spatial planners of all levels, MSP authorities, regional & local representatives of the governing authorities in coastal areas. Please find out more here: https://land-sea.eu/workshop-on-multi-level-governance-5-nov-2021/

November 9, 2021, Land-Sea-Act project invites to participate in the Policy Workshop SUSTAINABLE BLUE ECONOMY and to discuss the need to improve framework conditions for fostering novel Blue Growth solutions and to look at developments and challenges from different geographical levels. Please find out more here: https://land-sea.eu/participate-in-the-policy-workshop-sustainableblueeconomy-9nov2021/

Please visit Land-Sea-Act project website to find out more: https://land-sea.eu/