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Latest in the BALTIC SEA2LAND project

We are partners in the Baltic Sea Region program’s project Baltic Sea2Land  – it aims to equip public authorities with the navigator tool that helps harmonize land and marine planning and balance initiatives that impact coastal development.

Project runs from January 2023 and at the moment focuses on Multi-Level Governance Tool to equip planners of the project and external public authorities in the future with tools, questions and tasks that would help them better consider the cross-sectorality and multi-level nature of their coastal and maritime planning activities. Also stakeholders events are organized in the project partner countries with different sectors and maritime spatial planners with the aim of ensuring that all maritime industries and nature are strongly taken into account in the updated maritime spatial plan as well as to discuss and talk about the importance of  harmonizing land and sea planning.

Please visit project’s website to read more: https://interreg-baltic.eu/project/balticsea2land/