Water & watermanagement

LIFE GoodWater IP first newsletter

As the year of 2020 is ended, we see that it’s also a good time to see what this year has brought to LIFE GoodWater IP team. We have started a our project this year and here we are in its first newsletter.

In this issue we will:

  • tell you why the project is needed and what its goals are
  • introduce the project management and its participants
  • talk about the state of surface waters in Latvia
  • take a look at the mapping of the Aģe river this summer
  • inform you about the small grants’ programme

The overall aim of LIFE GoodWater IP is to improve the status of water bodies at risk in Latvia by means of the full implementation of the measures laid down in the Daugava, Gauja, Lielupe and Venta River Basin Management Plans. Please read more about the project here.