SIS Biodiversity pilot service validation workshop

On June 15 the Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) will host an online workshop for Latvian grassland specialists in order to discuss the pilot service developed in the “Copernicus Sectoral Information System Biodiversity” (SIS Biodiversity) project. After collecting experts’ feedback in workshops held in every country participating in the SIS Biodiversity project (Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Cameroon), the service will be developed further in order to ensure it fits the needs of the biodiversity community. It is planned that the SIS Biodiversity platform will be available online already in Autumn 2020 – follow information updates on BEF homepage or

About Global Diversity service developed in SIS Biodiversity

Biological diversity is influenced by a number of factors, including climate change. The Copernicus Climate Change Service* (C3S) works together with businesses across the globe to turn raw climate data into sector-specific information aimed at users within the field, such as businesses, researchers and policymakers. One of these projects is the Global Biodiversity service. Spearheaded by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), the new service aims to support those working to preserve species, to protect the areas that are most climate sensitive, to increase the resilience of ecosystems, to reduce biodiversity loss around the world by providing the information needed to create plans to sustain ecosystems in present and future climate conditions.




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