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NEXOGENESIS project’s video on Lielupe River Basin case study

The Lielupe case study is located in North-Eastern Europe and includes the 17,788 km2 Lielupe river basin shared between Latvia (8849.3 km2) and Lithuania (8938.3 km2) and is situated in the lowland part of the countries. Around 12% of Latvian population and around 11% of Lithuanian population live in this territory (altogether around 800 000 inhabitants, half of them – in urban areas). Economic activity in Lielupe CS is related to trade and transport services, as well as process industry and public services (authorities and defence, education, health care), and the agriculture sector activities. Find out more about the case study:

NEXOGENESIS activities in the case study:

  • Exploring Nexus approach on the Lielupe river basin scale in Latvia and Lithuania;
  • Focus on water, energy, food, ecosystems, land-use and climate in the Nexus context;
  • Engaging stakeholders on transnational level to pave the ground for the “river contracts”;
  • System dynamics modelling to explore impacts of various policies in the Nexus related fields;
  • Application of machine learning and promotion to stakeholders.

Please see the video – project expert Ingrīda Brēmere points out the importance of stakeholder engagement in the sustainable resource management.



Activity organized within the frame of HORIZON2020 project “Facilitating the next generation of effective and intelligent water-related policies utilizing artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning to assess the water-energy-food-ecosystem (WEFE) nexus” (NEXOGENSIS, Nr. 101003881)