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VivaGrass, 7th PROGRESS Good Practice video

The 7th video of the series PROGRESS project’s Good Practices introduces (by Anda Ruskule, Baltic Environmental Forum – Latvia, senior environmental expert) VivaGrass, an integrated planning tool designed to ensure the viability of grassland areas while introducing farmers and local communities into the management of this kind of ecosystem. The tool is the result of the 2014-2019 LIFE VivaGrass project, developed by the Baltic Environmental Forum partnership, together with other partners.

The video explains how VivaGrass Tool is a decision support tool for the implementation of ecosystem services concept into decision making and into special planning related to grasslands. It also explains the data products of the tool and how it can be used in different planning scales such as local to national perspectives. Later on, gives us examples of who can use VivaGrass, and the fields in which the tool can be applied. Finally, it explains how it can be used to manage land use data and how the information can be represented by soil and relief maps, and how this data can be useful from the farmer’s perspective to a national scale.

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