Water & watermanagement

Invitation to participate in the social survey about favourite seaside places and activities

Within the framework of Central Baltic Programme’s project MAREA, experts from Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia, in collaboration with colleagues from University of Tartu, are conducting a social survey about people’s favorite seaside places and activities in Latvia.

We know that the seaside is essential for residents in Latvia, so it is important to consider their opinion in the planning process. With this survey, we aim to collect data about seaside places people like to visit in their free time and coastal activities they enjoy most.

The same social survey will be conducted in Estonia as well by the University of Tartu’s experts. Later results of both surveys will be used to develop solutions for sustainable management of marine and coastal areas in MAREA project.

If you visit seaside in Latvia in your free time, we would appreciate your participation in the survey!

The survey is available here: https://arcg.is/1XTrLD

The survey will take approx. 10 minutes. All submitted answers are anonymous and will be used only for this study. Participation in this survey is voluntary. Each person can participate in the survey only once.

The survey runs from 1st of July 2021 and it will be active until the end of summer. It will be distributed both online and face-to-face in coastal areas.

Please find out more about the MAREA project here: https://www.bef.lv/projekti/marea/