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LIFE GoodWater IP researchers assess the elements of biological quality in the Lake Sauka and six rivers

Since the end of May, researchers from the Hydrobiology Laboratory of the Institute of Biology of the University of Latvia have been researching biological quality elements in the Lake Sauka and six demonstration rivers of the LIFE GOODWATER IP project. In total, the work is taking place in the lake and in 12 river sections – in Mergupe, Zana, Ēda, Slocene, Age and Auce, in order to find out the ecological status of the Lake Sauka and the mentioned rivers.

For more information please project’s website: http://goodwater.lv/en/lu-researchers-assess-the-elements-of-biological-quality-in-the-lake-sauka-and-six-rivers/ 

About the LIFE GoodWater IP: the overall aim of project is to improve the status of water bodies at risk in Latvia by means of the full implementation of the measures laid down in the Daugava, Gauja, Lielupe and Venta River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs)