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New scientific article published

We are glad to announce that that the seeds we have all planted during the LIFE Vivagrass project have established well and are now flourishing! One Ecosystem (an innovative Open Access scholarly journal which provides a forum for studies in the field of ecology and sustainability) has published the article “Integrating ecosystem services into decision support for management of agroecosystems: Viva Grass tool”, among authors also our colleagues Ivo Vinogradovs, Anda Ruskule and Kristina Veidemane! Congratulation to all project team!

The project “Integrated planning tool to ensure viability of grasslands” (acronym – LIFE Viva Grass) aimed to prevent loss of High Nature Value grasslands and increase effectiveness of semi-natural grassland management by developing the Integrating Planning Tool. The tool based on ecosystem services approach helps to strengthen linkages between social, economic, environmental, agricultural fields and policies in grassland management. Results of the tool helps planning and decision taking in sustainable grassland management. More information: