LIFE FIT FOR REACH printed brochures available

The European Union’s REACH Regulation places high responsibility for chemicals management on industries. However, many emitters at the downstream of supply chain are small companies using substances and mixtures in the production and often are unaware of what they contain. They lack the knowledge, skills and funds to find the alternative substances. Meanwhile hazardous substances reach the environment and disturb ecosystem functions.

Project “Baltic pilot cases on reduction of emissions by substitution of hazardous chemicals and resource efficiency” (LIFE Fit for REACH):

  • Implemented a set of complex measures in six companies which substituted some of the identified hazardous substances or increased the efficiency of the resource use and lead to reduction of emissions of these substances. More on that you can find in the section Case stories;
  • Implemented “low effort – low costs” measures to substitute the target hazardous substances or to introduce good chemicals management practices in additional SMEs. More on that you can find in the section Case stories;
  • Developed the online tools to assist in proper management of chemicals in SMEs;
  • Disseminated the information about implementation of REACH regulation and its optimum implementation to all interested SMEs in Baltic States and contributed to greening of the industry with regards to better chemicals management.

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