A systematic approach for inspiring training energy-spatial socioeconomic sustainability to public authorities

Project aim
Support public authorities to integrate the energy theme into spatial planning and regional physical and socioeconomic landscapes. To achieve this objective INTENSSS-PA will provide human and institutional capacity building to public authorities and to the wider network of private and public actors related to energy and regional planning by implementing the Living Lab concept, i.e. an innovative environment of co-creation.

Project activities
– to organize in a systematic way and enhance where appropriate the available know-how, tools and experience on supporting the integration of energy into the physical (spatial) and socio-economic landscape, where connections and combinations can be made between existing land uses and energy production/savings/consumption that are beneficial for both the land use, the stakeholder groups involved in or affected by and energy sustainable development– that also “begs” for real local area-specific approaches;
– to develop, customize, assess and identify alternative institutionalization proposals of an interdisciplinary, participatory decision making structure for integrated energy-spatial-socioeconomic planning;
– provide human and institutional capacity building to authorities and actors (i.e. mainly public regional & local authorities and where appropriate private actors, associations and the community at large) through training and transfer of knowledge and experience from practice.

Project target groups
National and local authorities

Project details

  • Project management: Business and Project Management S.A. (BPM), Greece
  • Funded by: European Commision Horizon 2020 Programme
  • Operational time: 02/2016-08/2018
  • Homepage: http://www.intenssspa.eu/

Project partners

Hellenic Association of Urban and Regional Planners, Greece
Local Energy Agency for Renewable Sources and Sustainable Development – Province of Cosenza – ALESSCO S.r.l., Italy
Development Agency of Karditsa –ANKA, Greece
Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia – SOS, Slovenia
Local Energy Agency Pomurje – LEA Pomurje, Slovenia
Instituto Universitario De Urbanistica – IUU, Spain Calabria Region, Italy
Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia, Latvia
Centro Nazionale Studi Urbanistici – CeNSU, Italy
University of Groningen – RUG, Netherlands Municipality of Middelfart, Denmark
Grant Thornton SA – GT Greece, Greece
Zemgale Planning Region – Zemgale, Latvia
Municipality Groningen / Urban GRO Lab, Netherlands

Contact persons

  • Ingrīda Brēmere

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