Communication about REACH to wide range of stakeholders in the Baltic States

The European new chemicals legislation – a regulation on Registration, Authorisation, and Evaluation of Chemicals (REACH) is on its way, and probably will be adopted by the European Parliament this year. The main goals of this regulation is to protect human health and environment, in the same time maintaining high degree of competitiveness of EU chemicals industry and providing better floor for innovations in the chemicals market. When this regulation will be adopted, it will impact many stakeholders – industry, traders, and state authorities and others. A timely communication about main principles and requirements with the involved stakeholders helps them to start timely preparation and capacity building, as well as supports competent authorities to identify action needs in the own country.

The project – REACH BALTICS – shall contribute to the communication about REACH to wider stakeholders group and to start their preparation and capacity building activities. It is granted by the European Commission, DG Environment and implemented jointly by the Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

The project aims to organise intensive communication about REACH in order to:

  • Introduce and explain REACH to a wider part of the national stakeholders (industry, importing traders, regional state authorities) by publication and information meetings; 
    Feedback the concerns and attitudes of the national actors to the national policy developers in order to design further supporting actions;
  • Involve main national stakeholders in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in design of the “REACH communication strategy” in order to develop concept for – who needs to get which information and in which way. A part of this action will be interviewing the national stakeholders (policy makers, industry, inspectorates, NGOs) on their current practices, needs and wishes, as well as Baltic Kick-off meeting of the project.\
  • Bring the essence of discussions from the international level to the national level via an International Workshop “News about REACH” (end of April), as well as provide access to the project results stakeholders in other EU Member States.

We invite all interested parties to get involved in the project activities. If you have any questions or wish to contribute or participate – please, contact us

Project details

  • Project name: REACH Baltics
  • Project management: Baltic Environmental Forum, Latvia
  • Operational time: 12/2005-11/2006

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