Nature conservation & biodiversity

The EU parliament adopts law to restore 20% of land and sea

The EU parliament has endorsed a novel legislation concerning the restoration of nature, aiming to achieve the restoration of a minimum of 20% of both land and sea areas within the EU by the year 2030, with the ultimate goal of restoring all ecosystems in need by 2050.

In order to meet these overarching EU objectives, member states are required to restore no less than 30% of habitats specified in the new law—from forests, grasslands, and wetlands to rivers, lakes, and coral beds—transitioning them from a degraded state to a healthy one by 2030. This percentage is to increase to 60% by 2040 and reach 90% by 2050. Until 2030, Natura 2000 areas are to be prioritized for restoration efforts. Once an area has been restored to a healthy state, member states must ensure its maintenance and prevent significant deterioration. Additionally, national restoration plans outlining strategies to achieve these targets must be adopted by member states.

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