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WWF Baltic Newsletter | May 2022

WWF’s Baltic Ecoregion Programme with partners from every country around our shared sea continues joint work in a spirit of cooperation, to advance our goals both on the ground and in policy arenas across the region. In collaboration with local communities and key stakeholders (fishers, farmers, local companies and markets, and other conservation groups), we continue to seek outcomes that improve human and environmental wellbeing for all. In practice, this includes guiding consumer behavior towards more sustainable choices; improving the management of our shared marine resources; scaling-up methods for cleaning our sea; and restoring river and wetland ecosystems.

You can read about all of this and more in the articles:

Our colleague Anda Ruskule was interviewed to about her work on Latvia’s current ecosystem-based maritime spatial plan and the role of EU member states in harmonizing marine governance across the Baltic Sea. Please read the article “One-on-one with Anda Ruskule”.