Exchange of information and promotion of cooperation for increasing energy efficiency of energy resource use and facilitation for changing consumer patterns in the Baltic states

Overall goal: To promote exchange of information and cooperation among involved stakeholders to increase efficiency of energy resource use and promote sustainable use of nature resources as well as to promote change of consumption patterns of inhabitants in the Baltic States

Project objectives:
• To assess on the current access of information on energy resource use efficiency at municipalities in the Baltic States;
• To evaluate the information materials for inhabitants on increasing of energy use efficiency at households;
• To assess the knowledge and consumption patterns of inhabitants on energy use at households;
• To gather the best practice examples on sound use of energy resources in the EU and EEA countries and foster their adoption at households in the Baltic States;
• To support the experience exchange and cooperation networks of municipalities and other involved stakeholders (NGO, state institutions) on energy use efficiency.

Target groups of the project are municipalities, NGOs in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Project details

  • Project management: Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia
  • Funded by: EEA financial mechanism, Norwegian financial mechanism and Latvian state budget with mediation of the Foundation of Society Integration
  • Operational time:11/2007-12/2008

Project partners

Baltic Environmental Forum-Estonia, Baltic Environmental Forum-Lithuania and Baltic Environmental Forum – Germany.

Project employees

  • Ingrīda Brēmere

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