Raising awareness of Baltic SMEs along the supply chain as a tool to improve environmental performance and competitiveness in metal processing sector

Enterprises have to comply with many different environmental requirements in the same time. Implementation of this requires a systematic, holistic and integrated approach. Usually attention has gone to on how EU environmental knowledge is implemented in big enterprises. Meanwhile, small and medium sized enterprises have been somewhat neglected, while their activities still form a considerable part of business activities influencing the state of environment. Lack of user-friendly information, experience and knowledge causes them to lag behind in acquis implementation. In order to facilitate exchange of information and experience on improving the environmental management in metal finishing companies by tackling the whole supply chain.

“Baltic Environmental Forum” organises an international workshop with the following topics:

  • Advanced environmental performance and self declaration tools
  • Best practice cases
  • Supply of environmentally friendly products and technologies
  • International funding opportunities.

There are expected 50 participants in the workshop: representatives from Baltic metal finishing enterprises, associations, competent authorities, metal industry clients and suppliers, environmental experts and consultants. The workshop is organised in scope of the project “Raising awareness and cooperation of small and medium size (SMEs) metal processing enterprises and NGOs for implementation of EU environmental legislation and promotion of economic development of metal processing sector in the Baltic States”.

Project details

  • Project management: Baltic Environmental Forum, Latvia
  • Operational time: 2005-2006
  • Funded by: PHARE 2003 programme “Cross Border Cooperation Programme in the Baltic Sea Region” and the German Federal Foundation for the Environment.

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