Strengthening co-operation and experience exchange of NGOs to promote energy smart living

Project aim: The project aims to strengthen cooperation of Baltic and Nordic NGOs to optimise approaches for more efficient involvement of civic society in energy smart living.

Project main activities: There are plenty of options for small things anyone can do for energy smart living. Moreover, people would be able to share their experience in discussion forums facilitated by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) thus informing about the related success and challenges faced. Good advices and suggestions for activities leading to energy savings at households can be better heard and accepted when both rational and emotional arguments are used. NGOs working in the environmental field can play a significant role to promote energy efficient solutions. Cooperation of NGOs to facilitate experience exchange of civic society can provide an added value for promoting energy smart living and sustainable consumption patterns.

• A study visit to Work Efficiency Institute and Helsingin Energia in Helsinki;
• Organisation of a discussion forums in social networks for NGOs and inhabitants on experience on energy smart living;
• Advising materials for inhabitants on possibilities for energy savings and good practice examples;
• International round table discussion – reflection on experience among NGOs in Finland, Latvia and Estonia on promotion of energy smart living;
• Project management and dissemination of project outputs.

In a frame of the project 11 informative materials were prepared for general public on smart living and energy efficiency:

1. Robot Vacuum Cleaner
2. Cooking surfaces – what to choose?
3. How to save electricity in the staircase?
4. Energy efficient light bulbs
5. How to account the heat consumption of an apartment?
6. Is heating needed in the staircase?
7. Electric heaters
8. Ventilation and indoor air quality
9. Comfortable indoor conditions
10. Energy measuring tool
11. Fireplace

Project target group: 

• NGO representatives and experts of the partner organisations;
• NGOs from Baltic and Nordic countries participating in environmental protection field;
• Associations of housing owners interested in energy savings and energy smart living;
• General public.

Project details

  • Project management: Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia
  • Funded by: The Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Operational time: 06/2013-03/2014

Project partners

Baltic Environmental Forum-Estonia
TTS Institute (Work Efficiency Institute), Finland

Project employees

  • Irina Paegle

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