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Review on the 3rd NEXOGENESIS workshop

On the 15th of June, we organized the third NEXOGENESIS stakeholders workshop on “Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Governance, Policy, and Stakeholder Engagement in the Lielupe River Basin” in Vilnius.

During this, we took a retrospective look at the progress made in studying and assessing the current situation of the Lielupe River Basin. Together with our project partners presented the main findings on water-energy-food-ecosystem governance and policy coherence in both Latvia and Lithuania.

In the second part of the meeting, we unveiled the main policy packages and engaged in an interactive workshop to identify the most suitable policy instrument options for stakeholders. Additionally, we had in-depth discussions on stakeholder engagement considerations. Furthermore, we provided a platform for stakeholder representatives to showcase their projects and initiatives related to water-energy-food-ecosystem interactions in the Lielupe River Basin.

You can find the workshop agenda: HERE

All workshop presentations are available here:

  • Daina Indriksone (BEF Latvia)  “Brief recap of NEXOGENESIS project and activities in the Lielupe Case Study” HERE
  • Isabelle La Jeunessa (University of Tours, France) “Water-energy-food-ecosystem (WEFE) governance and policy coherence assessment in the Lielupe river basin HERE
  • Jānis Šīre (Latvian, Geology and Meteorology Centre, Latvia) LIFE GoodWater IP HERE
  • Magda Jentgena (WWF Latvia) “River2Restore” HERE
  • Raitis Madžulis (Zemgale Planning Region, Latvia) “H2020 RESIST” HERE
  • Artūrs Penčura (Zemgale Planning Region, Latvia) “IMPETUS’’ HERE


Find more about project here:


Activity organized within the frame of HORIZON2020 project “Facilitating the next generation of effective and intelligent water-related policies utilizing artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning to assess the water-energy-food-ecosystem (WEFE) nexus” (NEXOGENSIS, Nr. 101003881)