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LATESTadapt project international workshop materials

Workshop “Planning and operationalizing green infrastructure and ecosystem service concepts for improving urban climate resilience” was held on 13-14 June 2023, Riga, in the premises of Latvia, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MoEPRD).

Aim of the workshop: to support transfer of knowledge and experience from all over the Europe in urban green infrastructure and climate adaptation planning, and to discuss the suitable approaches to be implemented by the LIFE LATESTadapt project.

Agenda of the workshop is available HERE


01_Key note on NBS and urban greening_A.Bruen
02_LIFE LATESTadapt project introduction_T.Matlik
03_GI concept in LATESTadapt project_A.Ruskule
04_Urban ecosystems_G. Zulian
05_Rigorous greeneing_D.Hogendoorn
06_Green infra mapping_I.Vinogradovs
07_Enablers and barriers for Greening Cities_K.Vierikko
08_Climate adaptation activities in Tallinn_A.Andresson
09_EC guidance for UGP and WG discussion_A.Ruskule
10_Advancing Ecosystem Restoration for Climate Adaptation_N.Nagabhatla
12_NBS in Riga_A.Locmanis
13_Cost benefit analysis_A.Chelli

Report of the workshop is available HERE.

YouTube records of the workshop available here:

Photographic report is available HERE.