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LIFE GoodWater IP first conference materials

Conference “Nature-based solutions for improvement of water quality and river basin management” was held on 26-27 October 2022, Riga, Latvia. The conference was organized by the LIFE GoodWater IP, which aims to improve the status of water bodies at risk in Latvia by implementing the measures laid down in the river basin management plans.

Aim of the conference: to present the role of nature-based solutions and ecosystem services approaches in improving the ecological quality of water bodies, as well as to share experiences and lessons learned in applying these measures in rural areas. Nature-based solutions (NBS) are defined as actions inspired or supported by nature to address societal challenges and needs. NBS enhance those ecosystem services which can mitigate environmental problems at the same time delivering various co-benefits for society.

NBS can be applied in river basin management for improving water quality, water retention and reducing flood hazard, as well as enhancing green & blue infrastructures that promotes biodiversity and provides other benefits.

Brief outline of the conference programme:

1st day (Wednesday, 26 October): a field trip to explore the LIFE GoodWater IP demonstration areas for improvement of ecological water quality in the Vidzeme region, Aģe . River Aģe is one of the demonstration objects in the project LIFE GoodWaterIP. The project aims to reduce pollution in the River Aģe by implementing various green and blue infrastructure elements on the banks of the Aģe and tributary rivers, as well as to set up a demonstration site for public awareness raising about water quality issues.

2nd day (Thursday, 27 October):  conference in Riga from 9.00 till 17.30, including plenary keynote presentations on the NBS concept and ecosystem services framework for water management and its application in LIFE programme projects, as well as parallel sessions on practical examples for introducing NBS for improvement of water quality in rural areas and water bodies as well as NBS for land-use management, for water bodies’ management and freshwater ecosystem services.

Please find the conference materials below:


Plenary session:

01_LIFE GoodWater IP project_J. Sire_L. Fibiga
02_Crossing the Barriers to Water Security_N.Nagabhatla
03_LIFE-Goodstream project_J.Strand
04_Natural Course Natural Flood Management_E.Taylor
05_LIFE_GoodWater IP approach for agriculture land_A.Lagzdins
06_LIFE GoodWater IP approach_forest land_Z.Lībiete
07_LIFE UrbanStorm project_S.Reinla
08_LIFE LATESTadapt project_T.Matlik

Session A: NBS for land-use management

A_01_Riparian buffer zones in agricultural catchments_E.Uuemaa
A_02_Potential of upstream depressional wetlands_A.Broeckx
A_03_Decompacting compact sandy soils_J.Pinza
A_04_RBMP LIFE-IP Malta_A.Cuschieri_K.Vella

Session B: NBS for water bodies’ management

B_01_LIFE-Goodstream_Removal of a migration barrier_K.Ström Töttrup
B_02_LIFE-Goodstream_The use of wildlife cameras_S.Hedman
B_03_LIFE GoodWater IP_Importance of field surveys_J.Jekabsone
B_04_Restoration of hydromorphological quality of Latvian rivers_K.Abersons

Session C: Freshwater ecosystem services

C_01_LIFE Goodwater IP_ES approach_M.Fonteina Kazeka
C_02_LIFE Cleanest IP_Assessment of aquatic ES in Estonia_M.Vainu
C_03_National scale assessment and mapping of lake ES in Lithuania_M.Inacio
C_04_Assessment of freshwater ES provided by NBS in Malta_M.V. Balzan

The integrated project “Implementation of River Basin Management Plans of Latvia towards good surface water status” (LIFE GOODWATER IP, LIFE18 IPE/LV/000014) has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union and the State Regional Development Agency. Please find out about the project: https://goodwater.lv/en