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MAREA project final seminar materials

MAREA project final seminar “Sustainable planning and governance for marine and coastal areas” was held on November 2-3, 2022, in Helsinki Congress Paasitorni, Helsinki. The seminar was also streamed online.

Seminar covered topics from mapping and modelling of ecosystem services in the Baltic Sea to ecosystem accounting and its development. It also gave insights to the Sustainability Compass and how the PlanWise4Blue geoportal can help decision-makers in practice. Finally, it offered some examples on the future research on maritime spatial planning. Please find the agenda and presentations below:

00_MAREA Agenda_02.-03.11.2022._Final
01_Interreg Central Baltic Programme_S.Numminen
02_MAREA in nutshell_S.Jernberg
03_Next generation of ES maps_L.Forsblom
04_Main modelling outcomes_F.Barboza
05_Mapping cultural ES in Latvia and Estonia_A.Reke
06_Conceptual model of Natural Capital Accounting_T.Lai
07_Perceived vs actual modelled environment and implications on cultural ES_L.Saikkonen
08_Marine recreation and other cultural services in Finland Estonia Latvia_T.Tikkanen
09_Sustainability compass towards sustainable development goals for the marine environment_M.Sajeva
10_PlanWise4Blue geoportal – visualization and practical applications_R.Szava-Kovats
11_Joint testing of the portal_F.Barboza
12_Integrating ES in the MSP implementation and follow-up_Finland_T.Tihlman
13_Integrating ES in the MSP implementation and follow-up_Estonia_L.Reiman
14_Integrating ES in the MSP implementation and follow-up_Latvia_M.Stube
15_Emerging ecosystem-based MSP Topics in the North and Baltic Sea Regions_D.Frank-Kamenetsky
16_Science for Evidence-based and sustainable decisions about Natural capital SELINA_A.Ruskule
17_NEW transnational projects in the Baltic Sea region_MoEPRD Latvia_M.Grels
18_NEW transnational projects in the Baltic Sea region_MSP4BIO_K.Pinarbasi