Information exchange and promotion of cooperation among municipalities in addressing the urban environment problems at the three Baltic States

Reduction of energy consumption will be one of the most important directions of economic development of the Baltic states in order to reach definite indicative goals in the future. These requirements are included in the EU policy documents and national legislation, and have the impact on local policy creators – municipalities, agencies, business companies. It is essential to find out solutions and developments both in supply and consumption fields. Household is one of the most important energy consumption sectors; the Latvian level of consumed energy in this sector (37%) is remarkably higher than the EU-27 average level – 26% (in 2004). The implementation of new measures of energy efficiency is the first and the most essential step to reduce the energy consumption on the local level. Municipalities have a special role in the implementation of the measures of local society information and energy efficiency.
 Overall goal: to promote exchange of information and cooperation among involved stakeholders to increase efficiency of energy resource use and promote sustainable use of nature resources as well as to promote change of consumption patterns of inhabitants in the Baltic States
 Project is targeted to: Municipalities, non-governmental organizations, inhabitants in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.
 Location: Latvia, as well as Estonia and Lithuania
 Project implementation period: from the 1st November, 2007 to the 31st December, 2008 .
Project is going to be implemented by Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia in cooperation with Riga Energy Agency, Balti Keskkonnaforum, Estonia; Baltijos Aplinkos Forumas, Lithuania and Baltic Environmental Forum, Germany.
 Main activities:
· Assessment on the current access of information at municipalities in the Baltic States
· Evaluation of information materials for inhabitants on increasing of energy use efficiency
· Assessment on knowledge and consumption patterns of inhabitants
· Fostering best practice example adoption at households in the Baltic States
· Addressing stakeholder groups for public awareness raising on measures to increase energy use efficiency
· Supporting the experience exchange and cooperation networks of municipalities and other involved stakeholders (NGO, state institutions) on energy use efficiency
· Project management and visibility
· Publication (for municipalities and NGOS) and leaflet (for inhabitants) In Latvian on best practices for energy saving measures; templates of materials (in English)
· 2 international workshops (on best practices for energy efficiency measures, knowledge of inhabitants and consumption patterns)
· 3 project team meetings (kick-off, interim meeting and final meeting), project reports
· Project information and results available on Internet
 Project is financed by EEA financial mechanism, Norwegian financial mechanism and Latvian state budget with mediation of the Foundation of Society Integration.