International seminar in Riga: “Encourage and Support Enterprises to Minimise the Use of Harmful Substances”

Seminar on 23-24(25) October 2018 in RIGA, Latvia. Organised within the frame of three EU-funded projects: INTERREG NonHazCity, LIFE Fit for REACH and LIFE AskREACH

The aim of the current seminar is to identify if and how authorities and other stakeholders could increase their efforts to support companies in improving their chemicals risk management, in particular in minimising their use of harmful substances. This main aim covers the sub-aims of:

  • Identifying improvement options (in the implementation) of obligations and incentives related to substitution and (strict) emission control in the current EU legal framework relating (among others) to harmful substances, as well as possible new respective elements in legislation;
  • The existence and success/failures of national economic instruments that, among others, aim at use minimisation of harmful substances by enterprises;
  • Gaps and deficits of voluntary instruments, such as management systems, product labelling, procurement practices or product stewardship in addressing the use of harmful substances;
  • Options to increase the power of the current legal, economic and managerial frameworks by interlinking them and connecting them to additional opportunities for companies to improve their competitiveness, compliance or economic performance.

The seminar is addressed to EU and national authorities and public institutions, civil society organisations, scientists and companies interested in discussing the topic and currently involved in any of the addressed areas.