Implementation of the biodiversity monitoring requirements in accordance with the EU Birds and Habitats Directives through facilitating cooperation and stakeholder networking in the Baltic States

The overall objective of the project is to assist the competent authorities and institutions of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia with implementation of the biodiversity monitoring requirements, which are set by the European Union’s Birds (79/409/EEC) and Habitats (92/43/EEC) Directives.

 The specific objectives of the action are as follows:
 • to stimulate a dialog between experts and state authorities in the Baltic States regarding implementation of the monitoring requirements in accordance with the EU Directives;
 • to facilitate expert networking for harmonized biodiversity monitoring development and methodology across the Baltics;
 • to evaluate the existing monitoring capacities and preparedness to implement EU biodiversity monitoring requirements set up by the respective Directives in the Baltic States;
 • to facilitate regional solution-finding through information exchange and discussions between the Baltic target groups concerning challenges for development of appropriate monitoring programs
 • to promote a collaborative approach to monitoring of transboundary sites;
 • to inform the project target groups about the EU biodiversity monitoring requirements and practical experience from the old Member States;
 • to assist with implementation of the forthcoming guidelines and recommendations of the European Commission concerning biodiversity monitoring in the EU Member States.

Target group: Baltic authorities and institutions charged with implementation of the biodiversity monitoring programs in the countries – Ministries of Environment, Environmental agencies, protected areas administrations, scientific institutions, and experts working in the NGOs.

 • Kick-off meeting (ca. 15 participants) to introduce the project - the state of play, objectives, expected outcomes, means of reaching them (March 2005);
 • Large workshop (ca. 50-60 participants) for a multi-stakeholder audience to present EU biodiversity monitoring requirements, experience in their application within the EU Member States and the approaches taken to interpreting the EU requirements (March 2005);
 • Three small experts meeting (ca. 15-20 participants) on practical aspects of biodiversity monitoring (e.g. monitoring of difficult to identify and other problematic species and habitats, coordinating of monitoring methods chosen by the Baltic States, trans-boundary monitoring or other similar issues) (May-September 2005);
 • Analytical paper with situation analysis and practical recommendations on evaluation of existing monitoring capacities and preparedness to implement EU biodiversity monitoring requirements (October-November 2005);
• Round-up meeting (ca. 30-40 participants) to present and discuss the outcomes of the expert meetings as well as the analytical paper (November 2005).



Project financed by

European Union, Phare 2002 “Cross Border Co-operation Programme in the Baltic Sea Region for Latvia”

Project partners

Lead partner
Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia

Baltic Environmental Forum-Estonia
Baltic Environmental Forum-Lithuania

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Daina Indriksone
Project manager
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